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Renovated with the expectation that our guests will enjoy their staying, while knowing the beauty of our place and of the island. 


country house

Skopelos, one of the most green islands in Greece! Pyrgos Country House is located in a lovely, quiet location in the heart of the island. It is ideal for those who love nature, tranquility and relaxation and wish to enjoy the view of the sea and the forest. 

The Pyrgos Country House was built in 1855 by the family and have completely renovated it in 2019

We hope you will experience the tradition and hospitality of the Skopelos, while enjoying the peculiarity of the Northern Sporades, where the pine trees embrace the sea. Our house accommodates up to 6 people.  

Beautiful large outdoor area and balcony

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Thank you for visiting our site and it would be our pleasure to host you. We are at your disposal for any information or question.

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